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Archoncad holds two types of monthly webinars: Workshops and Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

Workshops explore a specific predetermined topic (i.e. Outdoor Lighting). Each month’s topic is set prior to the webinar and a manual is available to guide the session. There are usually 4 sessions held on each topic (so it’s available to attendees in most time zones), so you only need to attend one of the 4 sessions to take in the material.

Special Interest Groups are about a general theme (i.e. 3D modelling), but the actual items discussed are proposed by the attendees. If you have questions you would like answered on the them, this is the best place to bring them. There are usually 2 sessions on each theme per month, so you should find one that works for your time zone.

Both types of webinars are recorded and available to Archoncad subscribers after they occur. However, the best way to learn the material and to have your questions answered is to attend the live sessions.

Upcoming Workshop Sessions:

February 2016 – Building Takes-offs

Vectorworks has had the ability to create building takeoffs for some time, but it’s not something that is automatically set up for you. You can use worksheets to look for parts of the project and report them on the spreadsheet, The important part of this technique is to make sure that your spreadsheet is finding the right parts of your design.

Topics covered:

  • Designing a worksheet for building takeoffs.
  • Creating walls, slabs and roofs, using wall styles, slab styles, and roof styles.
  • worksheet basics
  • filtering a worksheet to report the required information.


Learning Outcomes:

  • how to design a worksheet to report the required information
  • how to set up wall styles, slab styles, and roof style
  • how to create a worksheet to report the required information

March 2016 – Creating a Renovation Project

Existing project/Demo/New work (full workflow and document set up). It has been a long time since we last looked at a renovation project, so it’s time that we looked at this again. If possible, we would like to start with onsite measurements and how to get these into Vectorworks, then how to set up the existing plan, the proposed changes, and how to set up the drawings.

Topics Covered

  • Measuring an existing project using traditional methods
  • Measuring an existing project using electronic methods
  • Setting up a project using Layers, stories and levels.
  • Drawing the existing project
  • Using classes for demo/existing/new work
  • Setting up the drawings


Learning Outcomes

  • How to measure an existing project
  • How to set up layers, classes, and stories for a project
  • How to convert the measured project to real objects
  • How to set up drawings to show an existing plan, demolition plan, and proposed plan.

April 2016 – Subdivision Modelling
This is another one of the technologies that was introduced at the design some of last year and was released with Vectorworks 2016. This is a completely new way of modelling. Unlike traditional ways of modelling, which uses extrusions, multiple extrusions, and so on, this method of modelling works with a grid system. The grid can be pushed, pulled, split, rotated, and changed to create the model you want.

Topics Covered

  • What is subdivision modeling
  • Choosing the starting object
  • Creating a subdivision object
  • editing a subdivision object.

Learning Outcomes

  • how to create a subdivision primitive
  • how to edit a subdivision primitive
  • how to choose the correct starting subdivision primitive
  • how to create a complex object using subdivision modelling

May 2016 – Project Sharing

This is one of the most important is Project Sharing. I have had so many requests for this over the years. We have been able to use Referencing, but Project Sharing is different. Unlike Referencing, Project Sharing keeps all the data together, in one Project File. Users can check out a layer at a time and the administrator can choose the level of access for each user.

June 2016 – Energos

This is one of the new technologies that was talked about at the design summit last year, and it’s one of the new technologies that was released with Vectorworks 2016. this technologyallows you to analyze the energy consumption of your buildings quickly. However, it does require that you set up your slab styles, wall styles, roof styles, and windows and doors correctly for this to work.

July 2016 – More Marionette

We have had an introduction to marionette, but many of the users have requested a tutorial on how to do more.

August 2016 – Roof Accessories

The standard Vectorworks roof has some roof accessories, but that’s not att that we want to cover in this session. We also want to look at barge boards, flashings, gutters, downpipes, and other things that are on a real roof.

September 2016 – Quick Conceptual Modeling

This session will look at a single house on a site, work out if the site can be subdivided, calculate rough cost for the new building, and create a quick solar study.

October 2016 – What’s New In Vectorworks 2017

There will be new ways of working, update tools, and new tools. This session will focus on the most important things in Vectorworks 2017.

November 2016 – Interior Design (it’s not just kitchen design)

December 2016 – Wrap up for the year

Each year we review the topics we covered during the year. Its always a great opportunity to catch up on anything you missed out on.

January 2017 – Advanced 3D Modeling

This is not just about using some cool 3D tools, this is also about making 3D useful in your daily work.

February 2017 – Managing the Resource Browser

March 2017 – TBD


Monthly Special Interest Groups:


Special Interest Group – Vectorworks Architect

The topic depends on the attendees. We will discuss the topics that are troubling attendees and choose the most important topics. If you want your topics covered, you must attend and tell us what you want help with.

Special Interest Group – Vectorworks Landmark

The topic depends on the attendees. We will discuss the topics that are troubling attendees and choose the most important topics. If you want your topics covered, you must attend and tell us what you want help with.

Special Interest Group – 3D Modeling

3D work is really fun, but it might be confusing how to get started. The special interest group this to help you understand how to get started with 3D modelling. Depending on the users that attend, We could be looking at simple 3D modelling, or we could be looking at complex objects and how to create them.Remember that if you want to guide the conversation, or if you want questions answered, you must attend.

Special Interest Group – Education

If you are teaching Vectorworks this is a must! This session will help you to teach Vectorworks, it will give you a place to discuss teaching strategies and it will help you to use existing exercises, or help to develop new exercises. There are a huge number of resources on this site, these meetings help you to find the ones you need.

What you need to know about attending the online workshops:

First, you have to register for an online session. Scroll down the page to find all the sessions and click on a link to Book for a Session.

When you register for a session, use the link: Show in my Time Zone. This will change the registration page and all subsequent emails to your time zone. The reminder emails have a link to add the session to your calendar, these will also be in your time zone.

What do you need to join a session?

  1. High-Speed Internet. We use GoToWebinar (a small bit of software that you will have to download, it’s free) to run these sessions over the Internet. So, you will need a high speed Internet connection, and a high-speed computer network. I have noticed that clients on a wireless network have a lesser experience, so try connecting directly to your computer network.
  2. Mic and Headset Because we talk to each other, a head set with a microphone is important. Try to find an easy to use USB headset and mic, this will make it better for you and others (you will create less feedback, echos and background noise). Here is the headset I use…

All sessions will be recorded and posted on this website. Registering for these sessions confirms your agreement to be recorded.

Sun, Oct 7, 2012 10:00 PM – 11:00 PM EDT