Getting Started Special Interest Group December 2016


In this session we looked at quick and simple ways to create 3D objects, how you can use these to create more complex objects, how to find more complex 3D objects online, how to import them, and how to use the imported models.

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cadmovie_1609-02 – Quick Concept – Part 2

Importing the Site Plan – It is important for you to get a site plan. You can get a site plan from a consultant if they are working on the project, or a survey, if you have one employed. If this is a quick concept project, you may not have access to a consultant or a surveyor, so you will have to find the information from another source.

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Vectorworks Tip 404 – DXF/DWG – Drag And Drop Importing.

Vectorworks, dxf/dwg, importing

If you can locate your imported DXF/DWG file in a Finder window (file explorer) and you can see your Vectorworks drawing window, then you can drag your DXF/DWG file from your finder window onto your Vectorworks drawing window, and Vectorworks will then import that DXF file. This is known as drag and drop importing and it works not just with DXF/DWD files but it works with all file importing formats.

Vectorworks Tip 400 – DXF/DWG – What Is It?


When you’re dealing with Vectorworks there really is very little difference between DXF and DWG, so I will treat these as the same type of file. DXF stands for Digital eXchange Format, while DWG is the native file format for AutoCAD. In simple terms, DXF/DWG is a simple way of interchanging information between different CAD programs. This information tends to be plans and sections, and it can be either two-dimensional or three-dimensional. DXF/DWG does not carry information attached to the objects, so you might think of this information is being “dumb”. There are several options for importing and exporting DXF/DWG, so look out for further posts about this.

Landmark_SIG_015 Special Interest Group November 2012

In this session we looked at getting started with the project, based on information that had been measured on-site. In the situation the information was not imported from a survey, it was actually measured by the people in the office when they visited the site. The methods of measuring were a theodolite and a tape measure. This is enough information to give the heights in the setting out from known points on the site.

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Landmark_SIG_014 Special Interest Group November 2012

In this meeting we continued our series on getting started with Vectorworks Landmark. An important part of creating a landscape plan is creating plants. In Vectorworks 2013, the plant preferences have been changed. There are now two dialogue boxes that control plant settings. The new settings with the two dialogue boxes allows for more flexible plant placement.

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Landmark_SIG_012 Special Interest Group October 2012

This is the movie from the morning session of the landmark special interest group. We looked at starting a project from the beginning by importing a DXF/DWG file. We looked at the options for importing this type of file and then we created the other layers that we needed, and then we created plants.

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Importing and Exporting Files – Part 2

Importing DXF Files – There are often times when you need to import a file from a consultant. Your consultants may be using a program other than VectorWorks, so you may have to share information in  a form that both your CAD program and your consultant’s program understands.

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Landmark_SIG_008 Special Interest Group August 2012

This is the movie from the first session Landmark Special Interest Group, August 2012. We are looking at starting a project from the beginning, looking at how to get started.

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cadmovie825 – Referencing Image Files Part 3

Referencing PDF Files. As with image files, PDF files can be drag-and-drop onto a Vectorworks drawing, or you can use the Import PDF… command. In either case when you import a PDF file, you have the choice of whether to import the file directly or whether to reference the file.

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