If you want to contact me, or you want to get help, this is the place.

Imagine having someone on tap that you could call when you needed an answer. For a small charge, you could get help when you need it. You wouldn’t have to waste time looking for the answer, and you wouldn’t have to waste your time on a course of action that was wrong.

Email me for help or support – It will save you money, time and aggravation.

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10 thoughts on “Contact

    • I’m not sure I understand, are you saying that you can’t log in, or when you are logged in, you can’t see the restricted areas?
      BTW, your subscription renews in 2 days.

  1. Hi,
    I would like to change my account details as I have changed banks. Can you please advise how to go about doing this online.
    Many thanks, Marisa

  2. Hi Jonathan,
    Is there is a way to auto-renumber the sheet layer in Vectorworks 2019 ?
    Say if I want to insert a sheet layer between 1 & 2 & I want 2 to become 3 ect…
    Thank you very much.

  3. Hi Jonathan,
    I created a line type at 1:1 for batt insulation but the height stay 90mm even when I am at 1:2 or 1:20. Is there is a way to create line type that will scale depending of my drawing/detail scale?
    Or should the batt insulation not be a line type ?
    Thank you very much.

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