• Worksheets

      What Is a Worksheet? Worksheets are like simple spreadsheets. Worksheets allow you to calculate and report information from your Vectorworks files. This is a powerful technique. It has been available in Vectorworks for many years. You can use worksheets to find objects, report them, and do calculations on the objects…

  • SST_1810 – What’s New in Vectorworks 2019

    1810 What’s New in Vectorworks 2019 Each year, Vectorworks releases its new version. It usually has a huge number of new or improved features, and this year is no different. It can be difficult to separate features from benefits. Just because it is a new feature, it does not mean…

  • SST_1809 – Camera Match

    CameraMatch CameraMatch is a huge timesaver. First, CameraMatch saves the time that it would take you to model the existing surroundings. Second, CameraMatch saves you the time it would take to match your current view to a photograph. Many people think that they should only use CameraMatch for large projects….

  • SST_1808 – Cloud Services

    For some time, Vectorworks has offered cloud services as part of the Vectorworks Service Select (VSS) subscription. Most users know that VSS gives them a free upgrade each year, but what about the other things that are included? This manual will be looking at the cloud services part of VSS.

  • SST_1807 – Creating And Managing Details

    [image] For any construction project, details are an important part of the drawing set. It can take a long time to fully detail a project, so let’s look at how to draw a detail and some strategies for speeding up the drawings. We will look at importing details, applying the…

  • SST_1806 – Site Modifying

    Modifying sites is a fundamental part of landscaping and architectural design. It is one of the most common questions that I get asked about site modeling.

  • SST_1805 – Complex Roofs

    1805 – Complex Roofs I often find that the standard Vectorworks roof will not make the roof that I want. If you work on renovation projects, you will find that the standard Vectorworks roof will not be able to draw the final roof that you want, and sometimes you will…

  • SST_1804 – Putting a Project Together

    1804 – Workflow, putting together a large project In the past we have looked at Design Layers, Classes, Viewports, Sheet layers, and other organising concepts. The purpose of this manual is to look at how to bring all these together to work on a large project. We will be looking in…

  • SST_1803 – Back To Basics – Worksheets

    1803 – Worksheets Contents Beginner Topics What is a Worksheet? How do Worksheets work? What types of Worksheets are there? Creating a Worksheet to calculate areas (site coverage) Creating a Worksheet for objects with data attached (plants) Intermediate Topics Impermeable surface calculations E2 risk matrix Advanced Topics Finding objects in…

  • SST_1802 – Creating A Site Model

    A site model is a 2D and 3D representation of a mathematical model that is based on 3D data. In simple terms, a site model is a 3D digital version of your site. You can use it for visualization, solar studies, cut and fill calculations, and much more.