Saving Favorites/Bookmarks

When you use websites,especially my web sites, there are often pages that you want to go back to. The way to get back to these pages is to save the location as a bookmark or favorite. If you are using Google Chrome, Opera, or Safari, then  watch the YouTube video. If you are using Windows 10 Edge,  then click on the link below to read about saving favorites with that web browser.

Windows 10 – Edge

Podcast 216 – Full Screen Window Macintosh Yosemite

I recently upgraded my computer to Yosemite. I have a habit of wanting to see my drawing window full-screen. However, when I click on the green button to make my drawing wonderful screen I have been losing my menubar. In this movie I will show you how to change this. I am sure the little people know this trick already but when I found that I was very happy.

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Podcast 206 – Creating a Butterfly Roof in Vectorworks

A client was asking how to make a roof that has a low point in the middle. Some people call this a butterfly roof. The answer is to use a standard Vectorworks roof and edit it to make just half the roof. Then mirror the roof to create the other half. This works for most versions of Vectorworks.
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Podcast 205 – Create Polygon – Clip Surface with Vectorworks

I have recently been working on a lot of 2D detailing with Vectorworks. One of the issues that I came up against was the look of plaster. The person who drew this plasterwork originally had a very nice style for drawing a wiggly line. I am editing these areas of plaster and I want my areas to look identical to the originals, but my way of drawing the wiggly line makes it appear different. I found the technique that allows me to quickly draw the plaster and completely replicate what has already been drawn, using create poly from inner boundary and clip surface. Watch the movie to see how I do it.

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Podcast 204 – Add Solid, Subtract Solid, Intersect Solid

image026I have been working on a project that requires quite a bit of 3D modelling. To make this quicker, I use a combination of Add Solid, Subtract Solid and Intersect Solid. Using these tools makes it extremely quick to model this complex situation. Somebody asked me why do I use these particular techniques when I could use other techniques like Taper Face or Section Solid. The Intersect Solid is an interesting technique. It is fast, but more importantly it allows you to go back and adjust your work quickly.
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podcast 202 – 3D Polygon Tool

2014-11-08_14-51-363D Polygon Tool – Vectorworks has some really cool 3D tools and it’s tempting to always look at these instead of some of the basic 3D tools that Vectorworks has. The 3D polygon tool can be used to draw a polygon between 3D objects. You don’t need to use automatic working planes, you don’t need to set working planes, you just need to draw the 3D object and snap to the 3D geometry you already have.

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podcast 201 – Loft Surface Tool

2014-11-08_10-22-47This tool is so useful for creating complex curving shapes. There are three modes – No Rail mode, One Rail mode, and Bi-rail Sweep. Each mode has a use and each has very different results. Watch the movie to find out more. In the fist mode you use series of cross sections to create the object. In the second mode you use a profile and a single rail. In the third mode you use two rails and a profile.

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podcast 200 Site Modelling Changes in Vectorworks 2015

Vectorworks 2015 has several new site modelling improvements. The three main improvements are the changes to the visual appearance of errors in your site modeling and 2 new road tools. The changes to the visual appearance of errors in your site model are such a timesaver, several clients have pointed out how much time the small addition has saved them. The two new roads are very powerful and will certainly speed up your site modelling. The new Roadway (Custom Kerb) is really powerful and allows you to make roads of various shapes. I recently use this tool to create a car park where each side of the car park sloped to a drain.

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podcast 186 – Creating a worksheet to look for objects with a Record Format Attached

In the last podcast I looked at the power of record formats. In this movie I will be looking at how to take a record format and create a report from it. This movie makes the technique look very easy, and even if you want to create more complex reports, the same technique applies.

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podcast 181 – Auto Join Walls and Wall Cores

This can be a fast way to draw walls, as it will automatically join the walls as you draw them. This can save several clicks. As well as that, it will automatically join the wall cores together, saving you several clicks with the Component Join tool, but you have to make sure you set up your walls with Cores. Continue reading