Vectorworks Tip 371 – Designing a Building Takeoff Report

Notes - Page 44

If you’re going to create a report to list all the parts of a building takeoff, the first thing you have to do is to decide what parts you want to report. Vectorworks will report anything you choose, but it can’t read your mind so you have to design your report. We will be covering worksheets in our workshops in February 2016.

Vectorworks Tip 366 – Use Worksheets to Count Things

Notes - Page 55One of the most important uses for worksheets is the ability to automatically count objects in your drawing. For example, you might want to count all of your trees separate from all of your groundcovers. You can set up a worksheet to do just that. As you add trees or groundcovers to your plan, you only need to update your worksheet to have these new objects automatically appear. We will be covering worksheets in our workshops in February 2016.

Landscape Special Interest Group December (pm) 2015


Topics Covered:

  • Utility Menu / Workspace Editor   1:23
  • Customize (context) menus   1:58
  • Create New Plant   3:16
  • Get Plant Data -> Plant Database   3:24
  • Edit Plant (2D Graphics: Classes and Graphic Attributes)   9:07
  • Rotate Tool   12:39
  • Select Similar Tool   14:41
  • Add Surface   14:50
  • 3D Graphics   17:29
  • Export / save the new plant to your library    23:11
  • Create, change and add criteria of reports    29:30
  • Export reports (to be used in any other file)   34:48

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Landmark_SIG_076 Special Interest Group July (am) 2015


In this session we looked at the report from the earlier landscape session, but the users pointed out that the previous report only look for flat objects which is not much use on a sloping site. So the session took the report from the early session in tried to update it so that it would work with objects on a sloping site.

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Vectorworks Tip #192 – Text – Check Spelling – Worksheets

image001Check the spelling of your worksheets. When you select a worksheet you cannot use the right-click (contextual) menu to check the spelling. But you can go to Text on the menu bar and choose Check Spelling from there. This command checks for your worksheet looking for spelling mistakes. If it finds words that you know are spelled correctly but not in the dictionary, Vectorworks will show these words as misspelled. If you add these words to your dictionary, Vectorworks will use them from now on.

Interactive Workshops May 2014 – Back to Basics – Worksheets

Worksheets allow you count and schedule items in Vectorworks. For example you can count all the trees in a site, schedule all the doors on a particular floor of a project, count up and schedule even find the weight of a bracket in a 3D model. Worksheets are an underused area of VectorWorks and this workshop should open your eyes about what you are able to do with them.

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BIM_SIG_041 Architect Special Interest Group March 2014 (am)

The purpose behind these special interest group meetings is to cover a range of topics that might be slowing down the attendees. In the session we looked at worksheets, how to put window so that it suits a stair landing, how to use layer colours, how to texture a floor and how to use the attic in a roof.

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