Getting Started Special Interest Group May 2017

Gettting Started Special Interest Group May 2017

In this session, we looked at creating a specific door and window combination by using the window plugin available in Australia and New Zealand (Windoor). We also looked at basic Vectorworks geometry and how to recognize the difference between X, Y, and Z. This led to a discussion about the screen plane, working plane, and layer plane.

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Vectorworks Tip #207 – Working Planes with Dimensions

image030Sometimes when you place a dimension, the dimension snaps to objects that you are not intending it to. In this image you can see how the dimension has snapped to the front of one object and to the rear of the other giving me a measurement of the distance between the two objects, but not the one I want. If you set your Active Plane to Screen Plane, you can measure the distance between the two objects on the screen plane, which might be the dimension you are looking for.

Vectorworks Tip #117 – 3D Modelling – Automatic Working Planes

Automatic Working Planes. When you understand the concept of working planes, Automatic Working Planes will be easy to use. Automatic Working Planes allows you to instantly find and use working planes on the objects you move near. The Automatic Working Plane will appear as a blue plane on the object.