Vectorworks Tip 329 – Adjusting the size of the Clip Cube

It is unlikely the Clip Cube will be the size that you require, but you’re allowed to change the size and the easiest way to do this is to use your selection tool. When you click on the edge of the clip cube, then move your cursor around the cube, you will notice different sides of the clip cube highlight. Click on one of the sides and drag to move it.


Vectorworks Tip #178 – Preferences – Clip Cube

2014-11-08_11-02-20The clip cube is a fantastic technique for filtering your model in 3D. The clip cube will allow you to filter out the parts of your model that you do not want to see. The easiest way to create your clip cube is to select an object before activating it. You can see from the image how it takes away all the information that you don’t require. The clip cube can be adjusted after you activate it using the selection tool.