Vectorscript_SIG_003 – Vectorscript Special Interest Group December 2013

The aim of these sessions is to make Vectorscript easier. So if you are new to this, please start with the first session and work you way through. This session jumps into moving from the concept of the tool into Vectorscript.

The first step is to resolve the logic – what you want the tool or command to do and how it should do it. Then you can start to look at the challenge of code.

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Vectorscript_SIG_002 – Vectorscript Special Interest Group October 2013

In this session we start to look more in depth at the structure of Vectorscript. It is really important to understand that there is a structure (syntax) that must be followed. Failure to comply with the rules of Vectorscript will cause it to fail.

We also looked at how to get started with planning your Vectorscript. The generic phrase for this is to create a flowchart, but there is also a system called the Unified Modeling Language. The UML takes the flowchart idea and gives it a unified structure.

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Vectorscript_SIG_001 – Vectorscript Special Interest Group August 2013

Vectorscript is a built-in program language that comes with Vectorworks. although Vectorscript is a computer language it does give you the ability to create your own tools and utilities with Vectorworks if you invest some energy into learning Vectorscript you will be able to create your own tools and objects substantially increasing the power of Vectorworks.

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cadmovie038 – What can VectorScript Do?

VectorScript can be used to make relatively simple commands such as drawing a line of a particular line style. VectorScript can also be used to create complex things like Julian Carr’s Windoor manager. An example of a local object is the Height to Boundary Object. This object will create a 2d/3d object that you can change by typing into the Object Info Palette. This object uses only 48 lines of code.

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cadmovie029 – Why Customize Vectorworks?

The program as it comes out of the box is designed by someone else, it was not designed by you.  They have made assumptions about the way they think you will work.  They could be wrong, there could be better ways for you to work.  Customising VectorWorks is a way that you can change the program to suit you.  The aim is to make VectorWorks easier, faster and more enjoyable to use.

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