Landscape Special Interest Group February (am) 2016


Topics Covered:

  • 0:00   existing tree tool
  • 06:35   editing the 3-D object for the existing tree tool
  • 16:13   VSS resources – image props
  • 19:02   VBvisual plant
  • 23:51   cannot use VB visual plants tool as part of the existing tree
  • 26:50   where the VB visual plants are stored
  • 34:48   image props
  • 37:41   creating an image prop
  • 57:11   creating sketch image props

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Landmark_SIG_024 Special Interest Group April 2013

This  recording was from the morning session for the Landmark special interest group.  Most of the session focused on textures, image props, and finding or importing better models. In particular the attendees wanted to know how I had created the ivy on the back wall of this movie.

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