Getting Started Special Interest Group March 2017


In this session we looked at the concept of a template file and how much we should store and it. It’s tempting to include everything that you think you might use in a template file, but with a layer and class standard and a library file you can keep your template file to a minimum. There are some things that really have to be in the template file such as tool preferences and dimension standards.

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Architect_073 Architect Special Interest Group July 2015 (am)


We looked at the Visibility tool, it is perfect for turning off the classes of unwanted information and it even works on classes of objects inside viewports (without entering the viewport). Holding down the V key will temporarily turn all the classes back on so you can see information that has been turned off.

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Build Yourself a Template

I have recently been building a template for a client. If you build a template for your company you will find that it speeds up your drawing enormously. For example, starting a project with a template file will save the time it takes you to set up your printing area, common layers, common classes, hatches, line types, text styles, common symbols, and so on.  These are just a few of the things that you can incorporate into your template.

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