Batch Convert Your Old Vectorworks Files to 2010

I have been helping a friend with setting up the User Folder. I noticed as I helped him, that several of his old library files had not been converted to Vectorworks 2010. This happens to me every time I update my version of Vectorworks. There is a solutions though, Vectorworks has a batch convert command. 

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SST_0910 – What’s New in Vectorworks 2010

I’ve been spending the last couple of months updating my Vectorworks manuals for 2010. I have several clients asking if they should upgrade to the new version of Vectorworks. If you are working on Vectorworks 12.5, then yes, upgrade right now. There are so many advances in Vectorworks since you last bought Vectorworks.

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podcast 102 – Wall Insertion Options for Symbols Vectorworks 2010

This is something I have long wanted, the ability for the symbol to know if it should be inserted in the wall or not. In Vectorworks 2010, on of the Insertion Options is to turn off the wall insertion mode. This will stop the symbol from accidentally jumping into the wall. If you set up your symbol library correctly, this will be a huge bonus.

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cadmovie345 – Creating and Managing your Vectorworks Libraries Part 6

If you have Vectorworks 2008 and above, you do not have to open the library file. When you have created a symbol, you can add it to your library file by using the Export command in the Resource Browser. All you need to do is to find the symbol in your current project, right mouse click on it and use Export…

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cadmovie344 – Creating and Managing your Vectorworks Libraries Part 5

The structure for your Library should follow a structure that you can understand and use. For example, when I am drawing details I like to have a symbol folder with all my steel sections, another symbol folder with all my timber sections and a symbol folder with all the standard window sections.  When I put a detail together it usually consists of typical construction elements, the timber, steel and window for example.  Then there a many components that you draw that do not fit a regular shape.  The concrete slab is one that will not always be the same.

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cadmovie342 – Creating and Managing your Vectorworks Libraries Part 3

A group is not a symbol and should not be used for repeatable things. Groups are useful for collecting a bunch of stuff together, like a section or an elevation, but they have no use in your library files as you can’t access groups with the Resource Browser (the main tool for accessing your library).

Creating a symbol.

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Furniture Symbols

Vectorworks comes with a lot of nice furniture, in the Libraries > Objects-Imperial or Objects-Metric. But, what if you want something special, like a Ray and Charles Eames chair?

I recommend the sketchup warehouse (

Later versions of Vectorworks can import sketchup models, so you can download a chair from the warehouse and import these into a new file. Always import into a new file, that way you can edit the model and make it in to a symbol to add to your library.

The sketchup library is searchable, so you can search for the things you want. It is always being expanded, and the models are usually good.

Watch out for very large models, it will make your Vectorworks files large.