BIM_SIG_014 Special Interest Group November 2012

The Vectorworks stair tool was introduced for Vectorworks 2011, but this still seems to be some confusion about how to use the stair effectively. At first look, the stair looks powerful but complicated. It’s important to understand the concept behind the stair so that you can use the stair quickly and easily. If you work with the concept of the stair, it works really well, but if you try to work against the concept of the stair you will have trouble.

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cadmovie871 – Stairs – Part 3

Custom Stair – Straight Stair – The Custom Stair tool is designed to allow you to create a range of complex stairs.You can create stairs with several landings, circular stairs, stairs with landings at any angle, and you have more control over the landings. If you have Vectorworks 2009, the custom stair is called the Stair Tool. The Custom Stair is not avaialble if you have Vectorworks Fundamentals.

SST_1211 – Stairs

I’ve spoken to several users that seem to struggle with the stair tools. There there’s more than one stair tool that you can use in Vectorworks. On the Fundamentals and Landmark workspace there is a very useful stair called the Simple Stair,  then there is the Custom Stair, and finally on the Architect workspace is the stair tool. The Stair tool is a very powerful but complex tool for creating extremely accurate stairs.

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Vertical Transport – Part 10

Custom Stair Library – The cool part about this is that is you store this file in a special folder. If you save your file to the correct folder in the VectorWorks folder, these stairs become available for use on any project. When you install Vectorworks, you get a library file with standard stairs. If the stairs do not suit your construction method, you should remove them.

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