Architect Special Interest Group February 2017 (am)


In this session we wanted to look at scheduling and  worksheets and how they could be connected to spaces to create a report. The report might want to list the areas and room names, but it could also be more sophisticated and report other requirements such as occupancy loading, number of power socket, etc.

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Tools That Speed you From 2D to 3D – Spaces

Spaces can be used at the early stages of the project to create the concept. You can use them to show areas and volumes, allowing you to create the plans quickly, as well as beating able to show the client a quick 3D model. Many clients struggle to visualise the plan in 3D, so the spaces are really useful for showing the 3D form. If you have the 3D form, you can create solar studies, or you could use the spaces as a wireframe and sketch over them. An important part of the spaces is that they remain valuable right through the design and documentation process for calculating areas, budgets, occupancy, room finishes, etc.

Vectorworks Tip 440 – Adjacency Matrix

Vectorworks spaces have the ability to create and read Adjacency Matrices. OK, but what are they and how do you read one. In simple terms, the Adjacent Matrix tells you the relationship between rooms. The Adjacancy Matrix uses and scale from o to 5. 0 means that the rooms have no need to be near each other, 5 means that the rooms have a strong relationship.

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SST_1404 – Introduction to Space Objects

image002Spaces in Vectorworks are special objects and they are very useful. Unfortunately, they are only available if you have Vectorworks Architect or Designer. If you have Vectorworks Landmark, you will not be able to use spaces. Spaces can be used to create conceptual models, quick 3D form studies, bulk and location studies, finishes schedules and much more. Continue reading

BIM_SIG_031 Special Interest Group October 2013

In this session we started a project that will take several sessions to complete. The project will eventually have several apartments in different files that are then linked to an overall site plan. The aim is to be able to schedule the rooms and apartments from the main site plan.

For the session we will be creating a site model, creating space objects to represent the different apartment types, linking them to the site plan, and creating a quick solar study.

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BIM_SIG_015 Special Interest Group December 2012

The session was intended to be an open question-and-answer session. My aim was to cover several topics. However, there were two main topics that came up in the session. The first topic was space subjects and how to edit the labels, and the second topic was default content. Continue reading