Vectorworks Tip #123 – Basic Tools – Snap to Grid

If you double-click on the Snap to Grid you will see a dialogue box with all the snap to grid options. I do not use Snap to Grid very often, usually because I’m drawing relative to other objects. But when you need to draw a objects, like this wall, and you want control the length of it, use the snap to grid with a large grid setting so that you can draw the wall quickly. In this example I have used a wall, but this equally applies to other situations like set design and landscape. If you want more information about Snaps, have a look at my Guide to Productivity available here.

Showing Thick Lines in Vectorworks

I had a question yesterday form a friend about showing thick lines in Vectorworks. When you draw objects in Vectorworks, you use the line weights you want for printing. But the challenge can be that what looks good on paper, does not look good on the screen. Normally, this is due to the lines that look good on paper are too thin to display well on screen.

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