Welcome to the New Web Site

This is a completely new website, with a brand-new structure. Everything will communicated through this site, mainly using this home page. Everything that I want to communicate with you will be on this homepage, which is just a continuous blog.

This blog now contains everything that I have written from all the different blog sites that I have created in the past. You will find blogs all the way back to 2005.

When a new movie, a new manual or a new topic is posted, it will appear here on the home page in date order.  With the structure, you will be able to search for anything that I have written by using the search box on the right-hand side of this page. Type in the topic or word that you are looking for and the site will return every blog, manual, and movie that relates to that word or topic.

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I’m Constantly Surprised by Vectorworks


I’m constantly surprised at what Vectorworks is able to achieve. There seems to be nothing that Vectorworks cannot do. A few months ago i blogged about a case study that Nemetschek Vectorworks had produced on one of my clients (icebreaker). They have really taken to Vectorworks (and my training) and completely changed the way that they do business. Continue reading

Repetition is Important When Learning Vectorworks

Prior to running my Vectorworks courses online, I used to run them in a classroom. At the time it seemed like the best thing that I could do. I was aware at the time that repetition was important, and the way the courses were structured, it allowed time for the attendees to practice, while I would circulate the room, helping any users that were struggling. Continue reading

Feedback on Special Interest Groups for Landmark

Thanks again for creating the VW Landmark Special Interest Group.  I think yesterday’s session on plant symbols was very helpful, especially since I’m just about to embark on creating my own set of 2d symbols.  I’m definitely going to use classes to control the graphics, but keep them to a minimum.  I thought I was going to create a few extra classes just to make the tree graphics more transparent, but I now think I’ll make the tree graphics transparent to begin with.   I’m going to have a couple of classes so I can Continue reading

Icebreaker Breaks New Ground

I was really pleased to see this case study about Icebreaker. Icebreaker has been a client of mine for some time, and so I was really pleasing to see Vectorworks do a case study about how they have implemented the training I have completed with them.

The case study is worth reading. It is amazing to see the changes the icebreaker have implemented by using Vectorworks. It has really changed the way they design the shops, price them, report on the clothing in the stores, and present their proposals to their clients.

Icebreaker started with a new sales team leader, and he wanted to know how best to put Vectorworks in place. To start with, I had him attend one of my Essential Tutorial courses so that he would learn the basics of Vectorworks in a structured way. Next we set up a series of ten online sessions that would allow us to work through one project, implementing Vectorworks in a way that they had never seen before. Icebreaker set out several things that they would like to achieve with Vectorworks. Not only were we able to achieve these things, but we were able to do much more.

I thoroughly recommend downloading and reading this case study. I hope it will change the way you think about Vectorworks.

If you would like to change your business like icebreaker did, please get in touch with me, I know I can help you.