SST_1801 – Title Block Borders and Drawing Management


1801 Title Blocks and Document Issues

Title blocks have undergone a major overhaul in Vectorworks 2018. The old Sheet Border tool has been completely replaced with a new Title Block Border tool and Drawing Issue command. The title blocks have been changed to use object styles, their layout is easier to change and customize, adding revisions and creating issues have been updated, and a new document transmittal facility has been added.

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cadmovie_1607-09 – From 2D To BIM – Part 9

Creating A Title Block – Now that we have arranged the viewports on a sheet layer, we can add a title block. There are two tools that we can use for this: Sheet Border or VAA Title Block. If you are using the NZ/Aust version of Vectorworks, use the VAA Title Block. If you are using the international version of Vectorworks, use the Sheet Border tool.

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Landmark_073 Special Interest Group May (pm) 2015

This session looked at creating a custom sheet border (Title Block). We started with a simple custom title block for the sheep border. We looked at the options on the object info palette to edit the border, edit the scale of the title block, edit the text on the title block, and so on.

Then we looked at editing the symbol that controls the title block. There are some parts of the title block symbol that are designed to be static (don’t change) and some parts that are designed to be dynamic (change for each drawing and revision). Care has to be taken when editing or deleting these parts of the symbol. Finally, we added to the title block to remove parts that are not required and we also removed these from the record format and dialog box that controls the text on the title block.

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