SST_1805 – Complex Roofs

1805 – Complex Roofs

I often find that the standard Vectorworks roof will not make the roof that I want. If you work on renovation projects, you will find that the standard Vectorworks roof will not be able to draw the final roof that you want, and sometimes you will find that the standard roof will not draw the existing roof because people have added and extended the building over the years.

How can we make Vectorworks do what we want, or is there a way that we can help the standard roof do what we want?

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epodcast198 – Slab Drainage


Vectorworks 2017 introduced Slab Drainage. There is a specific tool to use to create the drainage. This tool has several modes that allow you to add a drain, edit the location and direction, connect drains together, and edit the valleys. The slab drainage can change the entire slab, or it can taper a component of the slab, but it only works with slabs.

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cadmovie_1608-01 – Roof Accessories – Part 1

Creating A Roof – In this exercise we will be looking at how to create a standard roof and what the accessories mean. Later on we will look at each accessory in detail. I am going to start with a plan of my building drawn with walls. These walls already have the correct height which can be controlled by the Object Info palette or by a wall style.

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Interactive Workshops August 2016 (1608) – Roof Accesories

Cover ImageVectorworks has the ability to create roofs from polygons and walls, and it has the ability to automatically generate some roofs accessories, but not all the accessories that you might require.

For example, Vectorworks will create roofs, facias, and soffits, but it will not create ridge flashings, barge flashings, barge boards, gutters, and downspouts (downpipes).

As we have seen from other manuals, it’s important to model as much as necessary to complete the elevations. So if Vectorworks does not create these parts that you need, how are we going to create them?

That’s what these sessions are all about. First will look at creating a standard roof and the standard accessories that Vectorworks will create, because some of them can be very useful. Then we will look at how to create the other accessories that we require, but Vectorworks won’t create automatically.Create


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Vectorworks Tip 439 – Creating a Curved Roof


I used to create a curve roof using several components (roof face, extrusion, roof face). Recently, I’ve been using another technique to create my curve roof. The first step is to create a polyline with the inside shape that you want. This makes it easy to create the correct curve for your roof.
The next step is to extrude that polyline to the required length. Now you have a 3-D object you can use the shell solid tool to give this object to thickness. Now that you have required roof, you can use the Fit Walls to Objects… command to get your walls to fit to this curve roof.

Architect Special Interest Group December 2015 (pm)


Topics covered:

  • roof accessories     0:00
  • framing member for roof flashing   0:48
  • creating new classes   1:37
  • extrude along path   3:10
  • align gutter to roof   4:42
  • editing roof style settings   6:19
  • editing gutter path   8:05
  • extrude along path for handrail   11:05
  • fitting fence to site model   20:51
  • export DXF options   31:09

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Architect_071 Architect Special Interest Group June 2015 (am)

In this session we look to creating a complex roof that had the ridge at 45° to the walls. The solution to this is similar to the roof editing we looked at in the May 2015 roofing manual. Next we looked at ensuring that windows and doors are correctly inserted in walls. This can be controlled by the Wall Insertion mode on the Tool bar. We looked at using classes to control the glass texture on Windows. After that we looked at using the base cabinet, a wall cabinet, and the bookcase objects to create a simple kitchen layout. These base cabinet object can be used to create simple units, a corner unit, Peninsula unit, and so on. It is important to edit the preferences of these objects to get the style of the cabinet that you require. We also looked at using these objects with the split tool and the mirror tool to create the object that we wanted. We did notice a problem with Windoor objects in walls. They did not appear to be creating a hole in the wall. Updating Vectorworks to SP3 has fixed this issue.

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cadmovie1505_09 – Roofs – Part 9

Inserting a Skylight – Putting in a skylight is similar to putting in a dormer window.  To place a skylight you need to create a skylight symbol.  The way that you create the skylight is crucial to the way it inserts into the roof.

When you create a symbol for the skylight the insertion point of the 3D Symbol is used to relate the skylight to the face of the roof. The symbol cannot be a hybrid symbol.  It must be 3D only.  Create an extruded rectangle the size that you want, the actual size of the skylight that you want to create.

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cadmovie1505_07 – Roofs – Part 7

Dealing With a Challenging Roof – The standard Vectorworks roof is not able to create every roof construction that you would like. But it is a good idea to keep the roof object going as long as possible. One of the techniques that I use is to break the roof up into smaller chunks that Vectorworks can deal with more easily.

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SST_1505 – Roofing in Vectorworks

Cover ImageRoofs in Vectorworks are powerful, but most users do not understand how much they can change and edit the roof. The purpose of this manual is to show you how flexible the roof is, and what to do in complex situations.

If you are an architect it will be unusual to create a building that does not have a roof. If you are a landscaper then it is useful to create a simple building with a simple roof that reflects the building that you working with. Roofs in Vectorworks can be made from walls or from planar objects (rectangles, polygons, etc.). You need to have this shape to define the extent the roof.

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Interactive Workshops May 2015 (1505) – Roofing

Cover ImageIf you are an architect it will be unusual to create a building that does not have a roof. If you are a landscaper then it is useful to create a simple building with a simple roof that reflects the building that you working with.
Roofs in Vectorworks can be made from walls or from planar objects (rectangles, polygons, etc.). You need to have this shape to define the outline of the roof.

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Podcast 206 – Creating a Butterfly Roof in Vectorworks

A client was asking how to make a roof that has a low point in the middle. Some people call this a butterfly roof. The answer is to use a standard Vectorworks roof and edit it to make just half the roof. Then mirror the roof to create the other half. This works for most versions of Vectorworks.
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