SST_1805 – Complex Roofs

1805 – Complex Roofs

I often find that the standard Vectorworks roof will not make the roof that I want. If you work on renovation projects, you will find that the standard Vectorworks roof will not be able to draw the final roof that you want, and sometimes you will find that the standard roof will not draw the existing roof because people have added and extended the building over the years.

How can we make Vectorworks do what we want, or is there a way that we can help the standard roof do what we want?

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epodcast203 – Roof Face Framing


Vectorworks has a Roof Framing command that is designed to create framing members for a roof (which I covered some time ago). You can also use this to create framing for roof faces. When I create roof faces I tend to be sloppy about the pitch line of the roof face (provided that it looks OK), but this has an affect on the creation of the framing. Watch the movie to find out more.

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BIM_SIG_036 Architect Special Interest Group December 2013

In this session we looked at site modifiers and how to create a sloping area of paving, how the Extract Tool works and how we can use it to create site modifiers. Site modifiers seems to be an area that causes a lot of confusion, so in this session we tried to look at the simple concept of site modifies and see how we could create them.

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