Getting Started Special Interest Group May 2017

Gettting Started Special Interest Group May 2017

In this session, we looked at creating a specific door and window combination by using the window plugin available in Australia and New Zealand (Windoor). We also looked at basic Vectorworks geometry and how to recognize the difference between X, Y, and Z. This led to a discussion about the screen plane, working plane, and layer plane.

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Landmark_SIG_052 Special Interest Group July (am) 2014

2014-09-22_10-48-29In this session we looked at the changes to the Planting Tool in the last few new versions of Vectorworks, we compared the benefits of the Landscape Area Tool to using the Plant tool, we looked at creating a planting area around an existing tree, uses for the Existing Tree Tool and Site Modelling / Site Modifiers / Reshape Tool / Labels.

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