cadmovie433 – Importing and Exporting DXF/DWG Files Part 7

Importing For Workgroup Referencing. There are times when you are working with a consultant that keeps wanting to update the drawings. Every time the consultant updates the drawings, you will have to update your files. This can be a real hassle if you import the consultants drawings and work on them, as in the above example.

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podcast 079 – Using Dropbox for Vectorworks file sharing and Workgroup Referencing

One of my clients shared this with me a few weeks ago. This is a really neat trick for storing your Vectorworks files online and sharing them with other you want work with. In this movie Ill work with a friend of mine in the UK. We will use dropbox (, an application, to share files over the internet.

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Share Files on line

I’ve just been chatting with a friend of mine in the UK. He was talking about sharing files with other architects and it reminded me to tell him about an application one of my clients showed me, dropbox. Dropbox is an application that allows you to share files across your computers and it allows you to share the files with others.

Layer Linking or Design Layer Viewports

if you have upgraded to VectorWorks 2008 you might be looking for the Create Layer Link… command. If you are using VectorWorks Fundamentals you will find it, but not if you are using VectorWorks Architect or Landmark or any of the other flavours of VectorWorks. That’s because the command is not longer in the same place, in fact the command has been removed from the menu bar al together. 
Instead of a layer link use a Design Layer Viewport (DLVP). The DVLP is similar to a layer link when you use it, but it is much more powerful. In VectorWorks 2008 you can crop layer links, but with a DLVP you can turn classes or layers on and off and change the graphic style of classes/