cadmovie_1610-12 – What’s New In Vectorworks 2017 – Part 12

Property Line – There have been many requests to make the Property Line more flexible. Vectorworks have been listening and they have improved the Property Line to make it much more flexible. You can set the units on the segments, choose which segments are annotated, etc. 

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Getting Started Special Interest Group September 2016


In this session we looked at a couple of main topics. First we looked at the concept and Vectorworks of mesh smoothing and then we looked at drawing a property line. When you draw a property line you have to remember that the surveyor uses a different coordinate system than Vectorworks.

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cadmovie_1609-03 – Quick Concept – Part 3

Creating The Site Plan – When the site information is imported and checked for accuracy, we can draw the existing site outline and existing house outline. To draw the existing site, you can use the Property Line tool. There are two main modes for using this tool, and since we have an image with the site boundary on it, we can use the second mode, the Polyline Mode.

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Vectorworks Tip 344 – Vectorworks Angles vs Survey Angles

Notes - Page 13

Vectorworks, like all CAD programs, uses 0° for the angle of a line that is horizontal (X direction) and uses 90° for a vertical line (Y direction) surveys on the other hand start measuring the angles from North (which is 0°), through East. So a survey angle that is 200° would be shown in Vectorworks as an angle of -110°.


Landmark_SIG_015 Special Interest Group November 2012

In this session we looked at getting started with the project, based on information that had been measured on-site. In the situation the information was not imported from a survey, it was actually measured by the people in the office when they visited the site. The methods of measuring were a theodolite and a tape measure. This is enough information to give the heights in the setting out from known points on the site.

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Landmark_SIG_014 Special Interest Group November 2012

In this meeting we continued our series on getting started with Vectorworks Landmark. An important part of creating a landscape plan is creating plants. In Vectorworks 2013, the plant preferences have been changed. There are now two dialogue boxes that control plant settings. The new settings with the two dialogue boxes allows for more flexible plant placement.

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podcast142 Editing Property Line Text Size

If you have a property line, you can change the font size, the font type, and so on by using the text menu. But it’s quicker to use a text style. With a properly constructed text style, you can drag-and-drop the text style onto your property line to create consistent text with the other parts of your drawing.

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