Vectorworks Tip 375 – Project Sharing – Setting Up Privileges For Users

vectorworks, project sharingProject sharing has an administration dialog box that allows you to set up preferences (or privileges) for different users. This allows you to set up a system that allows some users to have full access to the file,while other uses can only see the contents of the file and cannot make any changes (and the range of options between).


Vectorworks Tip 370 – Project Sharing – Viewports

Vectorworks Project sharing

Because the design layer is the basic currency of project sharing, if you want to update a viewport on a sheet layer, you may need to check out that sheet layer and the design layers that have been used to create that viewport. If you do not you will be limited to only editing the viewport annotations.

Vectorworks Tip 335 – Project Sharing – Save and Commit


When you are working on a Working File and you save your work, this work is not automatically sent to the project file. This gives you the option of trying out some of your design before committing it for others to work on. if you want to send your work to the project file you need to use the command Save and Commit. This command will save your work And it will send your changes to the project file. If you do not save and commit, no one else will see your changes.

Vectorworks Tip 331 – Project files and Working Files


The concept behind project sharing is that there is one Project file, but eveyone that wants to work on the project has a working file. The data is stored in the Project file and the working file, but the data is only sent to the Project File when you Save and Commit the changes. Until then, the changes are only kept in the Working File. 

Vectorworks Tip 327 – Project Sharing


Project sharing allows you to set up a project so that several people can work on it at once. It allows users to check out specific layers (like checking out a book from a library), which prevents other people from working in those layers. Other users can see the changes that go on, but they cannot edit layers that have been checked out.