Vectorworks Tip 367 – Print to PDF

Print to PDF – There is a huge difference between printing to a PDF on a Macintosh or on a Windows machine. Printing to PDF is built into a Macintosh, but before a Windows machine can print to PDF you will need something additional like PDF995 (software that will allow you to print to a PDF file). If you have a Fundamentals version of Vectorworks printing to a PDF is a way of creating a single PDF file from each page. You will need to have additional software to combine these individual PDFs into a single document.

Vectorworks Tip #159 – Printing – Printer Setup…

2014-10-13_12-22-00Setting up your page size is best if you use your Printer Setup and use a paper size that your printer is designed to use. This dialog box ensures that your paper is the right size for your printer, but you can cheat with this dialog box by changing the scaling setting. In this image I have set the page size to A3 with the scaling set to 50%. Vectorworks will treat this page as an A1 page.

Vectorworks Tip #155 – Printing – Set the Page Size

2014-10-04_11-36-14Printing is so fundamental it is easy to overlook this basic concept. Before you print your document you really must set the page size, otherwise your information may not fit onto the page. There are two areas to edit your page size – design layers and sheet layers. Your sheet layers will be created in a consistent way if you set the page size first. Use the command from the file menu Page Setup…

Help! I can’t Print to PDF!

One of my clients just phoned up in a panic. They were trying to print a job to PDF. All the drawings except for one printed without the text boxes. I thought it might be a font problem, so I suggested a change to Arial (always a fallback font).

“had a few veiwports and referenced viewports on the page – all that use Avante Garde. Then 2 schedules and 1 worksheet – also all used avante garde. No text at all would actually appear in the PDF – even fonts that were not avante garde. Once I deleted the suspect schedule viewport every other bit of text began to appear – then I changed the font to Arial made a new viewport and it worked fine.”