Landscape Special Interest Group December (am) 2016


In this session we looked at how to add an image prop to a plant, how to create a plant, how to create and edit a custom workspace, how the plants connect to the Vectorworks plants database, how to use the Plants Database, and a quick introduction to using record formats in viewports.

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Landscape Special Interest Group December (am) 2015


Topics Covered:

  • The Shoot Plant Database
  • New databases in Service Select
  •  Plant Definition
  • Plant Tool
  • Duplicate a plant
  • Get plant data
  • Plant Database
  • Select Plant Data
  • Automatic connection between Vectorworks and the Plant Database
  • Classes and sub-classes of plant parts
  • Edit plant
  • Running out of computing power with 8GB of memory when rendering numerous plants
  • Import an image
  • Edit crop with the Circle and the Polyline Tool

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Landscape Special Interest Group December (pm) 2015


Topics Covered:

  • Utility Menu / Workspace Editor   1:23
  • Customize (context) menus   1:58
  • Create New Plant   3:16
  • Get Plant Data -> Plant Database   3:24
  • Edit Plant (2D Graphics: Classes and Graphic Attributes)   9:07
  • Rotate Tool   12:39
  • Select Similar Tool   14:41
  • Add Surface   14:50
  • 3D Graphics   17:29
  • Export / save the new plant to your library    23:11
  • Create, change and add criteria of reports    29:30
  • Export reports (to be used in any other file)   34:48

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Landmark_SIG_082 Special Interest Group November (am) 2015


Main topics:

  • Plant Tool
    • Plant Definition
    • Plant Preferences
  • Massing Model
    • Using the K key
  • Editing Plant Definitions
  • Plant database
    • Update From Plant Database
  • Copy From Symbol
  • Create a new plant
    • Plant Tool Preferences
  • Reshape Tool
  • Improvements to the Hardscape Tool
    • Hardscape Object Settings
  • Parking tools

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Landmark_SIG_083 Special Interest Group November (pm) 2015


This session covered:

Concept of saved views/viewports          0:00

  • settings for layers & classes
  • the navigation palette
  • how to save views and adjust the settings    1:52
  • layer & class visibilities
  • rotate plan
  • access a saved view
  • Note: a saved view is NOT connected to a viewport   4:49
  • switching from a viewport to a layer  6:20
  • how to change the ‘edit viewport’ settings  8:40
  • ‘sheet layers’ have replaced ‘saved views’                                                    11:15
  • use the eyedropper tool to copy settings between viewports                          11:55
  • or copy a viewport and change some settings (e.g. use the Clip Tool)
  • create a new class (watch the options in regard of saved views/viewports)   15:00

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Landmark_SIG_072 Special Interest Group May (am) 2015

Screenshot 2015-05-23 at 15.33.16In this session we looked at placing a swimming pool in a site model. We have previously looked at creating a swimming pool (SST_1102) but in this session we looked at how to use the swimming pool to form the cutout in the site model. To modify the site model a site modifier is required and the swimming pool can be used to create it. We looked at the concept of site modifiers (pads and grade limits). After the pool, we looked at creating a plant schedule that would report the plants by category. We have done this previously, but it we decided to go over it again, but this time with reference to VW Plants database, because it is important to make sure that the categories you assign to plants are carried though from the Plants Database. We also looked at the problem of duplicating plants and the conflict with the plant name or plant ID. There is still the question of creating existing plants that you do not want to appear in the plant schedule. If you want to see the plant tag, you have to turn on the option (on plant schedule) and if you do not want it in the schedule, you could use a class for existing plants and make sure that the plants on that class are not included.

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cadmovie1043 – Introduction to Planting – Part 12

Importing an Older Plant Database – If you have been using Vectorworks for some time, you may have edited the plant database to add the plants you want and to add the photos for the plants you like to use. This plant database can be imported into your new Plants database. Vectorworks 2013 uses an updated Plant Database structure, which means that you will not be able to import your old plant database directly, but you can update the old database, then import it.

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SST_1402 – Introduction to Plants and The Plant Database

Cover Image_lowIntroduction to Planting – Planting in Vectorworks is very important for designers and landscapers. But not every object in Vectorworks is a plant, only specific objects can be thought of as plants. A plant is the combination of 2D graphics 3D graphics and data. These are combined together to create what Vectorworks calls a plant.

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cadmovie1041 – Introduction to Planting – Part 10

Creating a Plant List – A plant list is a list of the plants you want to use. When you create a plant in Vectorworks you have to type in the plant information. Instead of typing in all the plant data, you can use the plant list to store all the plant data. When you make a plant you can easily add the plant information from a plant list.

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