podcast 199 Viewing Changes in Vectorworks 2015

Vectorworks 2015 has some nice changes to 3D viewing. First of all, they have improved the transitions when changing views using the keyboard shortcuts. There is now a user preference that can control the time of the view transition. For example, you can speed up the view transition to a 10th of a second, or if that’s too fast, slow it down to a whole second. The way you do this is with a small script. The other change Vectorworks has made is to wireframe view transitions. In the past, when you would use the flyover tool in wireframe, complex objects would often revert to simple boxes to speed up the transition. This is no longer the case.
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Guide to Productivity Updated to Vectorworks 2015

The Vector-workout Guide to Productivity has been updated to Vectorworks 2015. This manual now contains 213 movies with the total running time of over 6 hours and 27 minutes. For Vectorworks 2015 I added or upgraded 25 movies. This guide is the ultimate guide to productivity with Vectorworks. It covers a huge range of topics from productivity techniques right through to referencing. The cost of this guide is $99.50 US. Considering the get 213 movies, this is great value for money.


If you are a subscriber to this website, you do not need to buy this new guide, the new movies will be added to the Guide to Productivity page.

If you are not a subscriber to this website then you can buy your guide on this store…

Interactive Workshops October 2014 (1410) – What’s New in Vectorworks 2015

2014-10-15_14-04-40Every year Vectorworks gets updated and there are always lots of new features. But more than needing new features what we really need to know are the benefits of these new features. Features are nice, but benefits have a reward – they make Vectorworks easier to use, faster to use, more powerful.

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SST_1410 – What’s New in Vectorworks 2015

Every year Vectorworks gets updated and there are always lots of new features. But we need to have more the new features – what we really need to have are benefits. Features are nice, but benefits have a reward, they make it easier to use, faster to use and more powerful.

As I did last year I have included a table with Needs/Features/Benefits. This table should assist you in finding your need, the feature associated with that need and what the benefit to you should be. Following on from that table is a detailed explanation of all the main features that are included in Vectorworks 2015.

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archoncad newsletter – Vectorworks 2015

2014-09-23_14-21-04Last week Nemetschek announced Vectorworks 2015 and users that have subscribed to VSS have been able to download their updated software, mainly in USA though. Users in other countries will have to wait until the localised version is available for them. My newsletter this month looked at some of the new features of Vectorworks 2015. I didn’t cover all the features, just the ones I think most important.

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