Vectorworks Tips 455 – Controlling the Elevation of a Massing Model

You can control the elevation of a massing model by setting the Z value in the Object Info palette. You can also use the Send to Surface command.


When you use Send to Surface command, Vectorworks will send the insertion point of your massing model to sit on the site model. The insertion point of your massing model is generally the corner of the polygon that you started first.

So, depending on where you started your massing model, your building will end up at different elevations. You might see a blue dot on your massing model when you select it in a Top/Plan view. Moving this blue dot has no effect on the Send to Surface command.

SST_1609 – Quick Concept Modeling

cover-imageVectorworks has the tools and commands to quickly create a concept model. But we want mode than just a few elevations, we need to know if the main site can be subdivided, how large the project can be, and how much it might cost to construct.
In this manual we will be looking at ways to create and visualise the concept. We will start by creating the site, then the site model, create the adjoining buildings, create the design, and set up solar studies.

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cadmovie_1609-07 – Quick Concept – Part 7

Creating Adjoining Buildings – Later on, we going to be creating a solar study so that we can see how our project is affected by the adjoining buildings. The easiest way to create the adjoining buildings is to use the Massing Model. We have used the Massing Model previously to create existing and proposed buildings.

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cadmovie_1609-03 – Quick Concept – Part 3

Creating The Site Plan – When the site information is imported and checked for accuracy, we can draw the existing site outline and existing house outline. To draw the existing site, you can use the Property Line tool. There are two main modes for using this tool, and since we have an image with the site boundary on it, we can use the second mode, the Polyline Mode.

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