Getting Started Special Interest Group January 2017


In this session we looked at the Resource Manager. This was introduced with Vectorworks 2017 and it does mean reorganising your default content. In the past default content was in one folder (Defaults) but with Vectorworks 2017 the default content is now into folders (Defaults and Object Styles). So we looked at this concept of the default content and then we also looked at the concept of object styles.

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Landmark_SIG_064 Special Interest Group January (am) 2015

image124This session looked at Line Types and the Landscape Area tool. We looked at how to create, edit and apply various line types and the difference between ‘Page Based Units’ and ‘World Based Units’. Line Types are a Resource that can be saved into your User Folder for future use and are best suited to any type of graphic line (irrigation, dotted, phone, electrical, data, foot prints, paths, etc.). The Landscape Area tool (Create objects from shapes) is better suited for landscape objects. The Plant Line and Plant Cloud (Landscape Area tool) are quickly created, are easily edited, show no dreadful corners and can be used for pricing, scheduling and assigning plants.

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