Interactive Workshops July 2014 (1407) – Libraries – Managing and Creating Your Library

Libraries seems to be the one area of Vectorworks the causes the most confusion. It seems that users get confused about their own Vectorworks library, where they should store parts of it and where is the best place to store all their information. It’s tempting to think that you only need to have one library file and you can put all your resources in there, but this is not the way that Vectorworks likes to work.

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BIM_SIG_016 Special Interest Group January 2013

In the session we talked about creating template files. When you create a template it is tempting to put everything in the template that you think you will need. Unfortunately, this creates a very heavy template file with lots of textures, hatches, line types, and symbols that you might never need.  Continue reading

BIM_SIG_015 Special Interest Group December 2012

The session was intended to be an open question-and-answer session. My aim was to cover several topics. However, there were two main topics that came up in the session. The first topic was space subjects and how to edit the labels, and the second topic was default content. Continue reading

BIM_SIG_011 Special Interest Group October 2012

Vectorworks 2013 introduced several new concepts. Two really important concepts are the detail viewports and the hierarchal classes. My belief is that both of these concepts are going to change the way you structure your classes and the way you structure your sheet layers. In this Special Interest Group will be looking at how these two concepts can be used.

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Batch Convert Your Old Vectorworks Files to 2010

I have been helping a friend with setting up the User Folder. I noticed as I helped him, that several of his old library files had not been converted to Vectorworks 2010. This happens to me every time I update my version of Vectorworks. There is a solutions though, Vectorworks has a batch convert command. 

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cadmovie346 – Creating and Managing your Vectorworks Libraries Part 7

Layer and class standards are part of developing your library. When you create symbols you will use specific classes. When you create other information on the drawings you will use layers and classes. It would be easier to have a set of layers and classes that you use in a place that make s them easy to get to.

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cadmovie345 – Creating and Managing your Vectorworks Libraries Part 6

If you have Vectorworks 2008 and above, you do not have to open the library file. When you have created a symbol, you can add it to your library file by using the Export command in the Resource Browser. All you need to do is to find the symbol in your current project, right mouse click on it and use Export…

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cadmovie344 – Creating and Managing your Vectorworks Libraries Part 5

The structure for your Library should follow a structure that you can understand and use. For example, when I am drawing details I like to have a symbol folder with all my steel sections, another symbol folder with all my timber sections and a symbol folder with all the standard window sections.  When I put a detail together it usually consists of typical construction elements, the timber, steel and window for example.  Then there a many components that you draw that do not fit a regular shape.  The concrete slab is one that will not always be the same.

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