Online Sessions for August 2012

I have posted the online sessions for August 2012, so you can now start to register for these sessions.


Last time we looked at Creating A Solar Study, we do not have the Heliodon tool, and we used classes to control the lighting in each viewport. Now we have better ways to do this, so it’s time to update this notes for Vectorworks 2012 to show the most up to date way to complete this task.

BIM Special Interest Group:

drawing workflow part 3

Landmark Special Interest Group:

we need a topic, please suggest one…

SST_1203 Creating a Landscape Budget Plan (final)

If you use the correct techniques, it can be very quick to create a landscape budget. One of the nice things about Vectorworks is that if you create a landscape budget in one file you can then save this to your user folder and have it available on every project after that.

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Vectorworks Landmark and Rendering

My friend Bill, the NZ Vectorworks salesman, has been playing with Vectorworks Landmark recently and he has been making some great images.

This image is a small garden, and he used several standard Vectorworks tools and techniques, such as walls, floors, image props, plants, and the table and chairs. Bill also made some textures from images he found on the internet.

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201 Vectorworks Landmark Course

I have a 201 Vectorworks Landmark course starting next week. This course is ideal for Vectorworks users that want to draw their landmark projects in 3D. I think that drawing your projects in 3D is very important. I have one client that moved form 2D plans to 3D presentations. They found that the conversion rate from concept to construction on site went from 40% for the 2D drawings to 90% for the 3D presentation.

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Vectorworks Irrigation Tools

I’m just starting to write my notes for my Short Sharp Training (monthly) subscription. In march we are looking at the irrigation tools in Vectorworks. We will be looking at the standard irrigation tools for pipe runs and emitters, and we will be looking at how to schedule these.

The irrigation tools are only available in Vectorworks Landmark, but what if you have Vectorworks Architect and still want to use irrigation tools? I will also be looking at other ways of creating an irrigation plan and how you can use irrigation in 3D.

If you are using these tools, please leave a comment or get in touch at  Are you happy with the irrigation tools and scheduling? Let em know…