Vectorworks Building Information Modeling (Landmark) 2018

We are pleased to announce that the new landmark course for Vectorworks 2018 is finally complete. I know this has taken longer than most people expected. The course has been completely redesigned from the ground up and it now follows the structure of the two-day Landmark BIM because that has been so successful in New Zealand.

The course has completely new movies and exercises. The total running time of the videos is just over six hours and 43 minutes, which should take you about a week to complete.

You can find more information about the course by clicking on this link…

Vectorworks Tip #211 – What is a Plant?

image002A plant in Vectorworks is a special object that has a plan representation, a model (or 3D) representation, and plant data. All these parts are bound together inside the object called a plant. When you place a plant, Vectorworks places all of these parts together in the drawing. This allows you to see the plan view, see the 3D, or create a report that shows the data.

Landmark_SIG_024 Special Interest Group April 2013

This  recording was from the morning session for the Landmark special interest group.  Most of the session focused on textures, image props, and finding or importing better models. In particular the attendees wanted to know how I had created the ivy on the back wall of this movie.

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Landmark_SIG_022 Special Interest Group March 2013

The consensus for today’s special-interest group was to look at Renderworks styles and lighting. Renderworks styles were introduced in Vectorworks 2012 and they allow you to create a rendering style with lighting options, quality options, and background options, and then save those settings. If you store the Renderworks style in your library, you will be able to access the style in every file.

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Landmark_SIG_017 Special Interest Group December 2012

This is the last  landmark special interest group session for 2012. It gives us the opportunity to wrap up anything that’s outstanding for the subscribers this year.  A consistent theme for the Landmark special interest groups this month has been planting. Vectorworks 2013 has a new dialog box for creating your plants and the new concept for the definition and the settings for each plant.

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Landmark_SIG_016 Special Interest Group December 2012

In this session we looked at two major topics; creating a landscape budget using landscape areas, and creating plants and adding them to your library. Vectorworks makes it very easy to find areas and calculate the percentages of areas in relation to each other. If you create your plants and store them in your library, it becomes very quick to use them.

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Landmark_SIG_015 Special Interest Group November 2012

In this session we looked at getting started with the project, based on information that had been measured on-site. In the situation the information was not imported from a survey, it was actually measured by the people in the office when they visited the site. The methods of measuring were a theodolite and a tape measure. This is enough information to give the heights in the setting out from known points on the site.

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Landmark_SIG_014 Special Interest Group November 2012

In this meeting we continued our series on getting started with Vectorworks Landmark. An important part of creating a landscape plan is creating plants. In Vectorworks 2013, the plant preferences have been changed. There are now two dialogue boxes that control plant settings. The new settings with the two dialogue boxes allows for more flexible plant placement.

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Landmark_SIG_013 Special Interest Group October 2012

This is the movie from the afternoon session of the landmark special-interest group. This session was slightly different from the morning session because we looked at starting a project from a hand drawing. We then created layers on top of the scanned hand drawings so that we could start our Vectorworks plants.

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Landmark_SIG_012 Special Interest Group October 2012

This is the movie from the morning session of the landmark special interest group. We looked at starting a project from the beginning by importing a DXF/DWG file. We looked at the options for importing this type of file and then we created the other layers that we needed, and then we created plants.

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Landmark_SIG_011 Special Interest Group September 2012

This is the movie from the evening session Landmark Special Interest Group, September 2012. This meeting took a different approach to creating a set of drawings. We looked at using scanned images of freehand drawings, importing these as PDF files and using these to create a set of documents.

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Landmark_SIG_010 Special Interest Group September 2012

This is the movie from the morning session Landmark Special Interest Group, September 2012. We are looking at starting a project by importing DXF/DWG information. An important concept that needed to be cover was when to use layers and when to use classes. Continue reading