SST_1705 – Introduction to InteriorCAD XS

Cover ImageInteriorCAD XS is a plug-in for Vectorworks. In fact, it is a suite of plug-in tools. It does not come as a standard installation; it is something that you have to purchase in addition to Vectorworks.

Vectorworks 2017 has a new custom cabinet tool that is a derivative of InteriorCAD. InteriorCAD comes in two suites: InteriorCAD XS, which we will be looking at, and InteriorCAD, which is the fuller, more complex version for kitchen manufacturing. In this manual, we will only be looking at InteriorCAD XS.

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Architect_071 Architect Special Interest Group June 2015 (am)

In this session we look to creating a complex roof that had the ridge at 45° to the walls. The solution to this is similar to the roof editing we looked at in the May 2015 roofing manual. Next we looked at ensuring that windows and doors are correctly inserted in walls. This can be controlled by the Wall Insertion mode on the Tool bar. We looked at using classes to control the glass texture on Windows. After that we looked at using the base cabinet, a wall cabinet, and the bookcase objects to create a simple kitchen layout. These base cabinet object can be used to create simple units, a corner unit, Peninsula unit, and so on. It is important to edit the preferences of these objects to get the style of the cabinet that you require. We also looked at using these objects with the split tool and the mirror tool to create the object that we wanted. We did notice a problem with Windoor objects in walls. They did not appear to be creating a hole in the wall. Updating Vectorworks to SP3 has fixed this issue.

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