Do Not Disturb – iPad and iPhone

I sometimes get notifications in the middle of the night from my website, twitter and so on. I even get some of my overseas clients calling me when I should be asleep. It’s not their fault, they just don’t know that I am in New Zealand. I used to switch my phone to silent, but it would still buzz. I was looking through the Settings the other day and I came across Do Not Disturb. This feature allows you to schedule the Do Not Disturb so that your iPhone or iPad does not ring or buzz after a specific time. I set this up on my phone the other day, and when a client rang me at 3:30am, I did not get woken up.


Taking to the iPad

My father hs just got his own iPad. He never really took to a computer. I'm not sure why, but he just never liked sitting down at the computer and using the mouse to control it.

He has really taken to the iPad. I think it might be the touch screen, the way the computer responds immediately to your touch. My mother has tried to get him to use the computer for years, now with the iPad he has learned to google the areas he is interested in, email, skype and much more. To watch him, you would think that he has been using computers for years. Vectorworks training on your iPhone

In this movie I show you how you can access Vectorworks training through my website, I have created a mobile website that allows you to search through thousands of movies and posts. The movies are playable on most mobile devices, although in this movie I am using an iPhone 4S.

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