Education_010 – Creating


These exercises are designed to teach you how to use the basic tools in Vectorworks. Some people think of these exercises are too simple for them, so they don’t complete them. This is a mistake. These exercises are designed to show you the different options that are available in each tool.

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Education_006 – Applying Graphic Attributes

Applying Graphic Attributes

Vectorworks is a very graphic program. We have control over the stacking order of objects ( the way things appear at the front or the back), we can assign colors to objects, we can change line weights and line styles, and so on. It is important that you understand how to control the graphic style of objects so that you can make your drawings more readable.

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Education_004 – Basic Concepts

Basic Concepts

To be able run the software efficiently you need to learn the basic concepts of Vectorworks first. This section of the manual is designed to show you the concepts that form the basis of Vectorworks. We will learn to make a few simple objects, how to select objects, who to delete objects, and how to delete objects.

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