Vectorworks Tip #142 – Interactive settings – Background Color

2014-09-06_16-29-16Interactive Settings – Background Colour. The standard settings for the background colour are to have a white background colour for Top/Plan view, and a slight minty colour for 3D views. The reasoning for this is that it helps you to see when you change from a Top/Plan view to another view. But you may not like this idea, so you can change it using Interactive Settings.

podcast 193 – Changing the Interactive Appearance Settings

The Interactive Appearance Settings are designed to give you control over the way Vectorworks looks, not the way that it behaves. There are numerous settings here, allowing you to change such things as the screen colour, the background colour for perspective views, and preselection colour, to name just a few. Changing these interactive settings can speed up the way you work by making it easier to see the things you want. Continue reading

Vectorworks Tip # 134 – Interactive settings – Pre-Selection Colour

2014-08-23_12-40-54The standard Vectorworks pre-selection colour is orange. The standard Vectorworks colour for selected objects is also orange, which makes it hard to see when object is selected and when it is pre-selected. This can cause some confusion. If you change the pre-selection colour it to make it easier to see the difference between selected and pre-selected objects.

Vectorworks Tip #130 – Interactive Settings – Snap Box

The snap box is the area around your cursor that allows Vectorworks to snap onto objects. If you go to your Vectorworks preferences you will find that you can change the size of the snap box and change the size of the selection box (this is the area around the cursor allows you to select objects). Changing the snap and selection boxes can make it easier to draw, but you must try these out, because changing them too much can make it more difficult to draw.