Landscape Special Interest Group December (am) 2015


Topics Covered:

  • The Shoot Plant Database
  • New databases in Service Select
  •  Plant Definition
  • Plant Tool
  • Duplicate a plant
  • Get plant data
  • Plant Database
  • Select Plant Data
  • Automatic connection between Vectorworks and the Plant Database
  • Classes and sub-classes of plant parts
  • Edit plant
  • Running out of computing power with 8GB of memory when rendering numerous plants
  • Import an image
  • Edit crop with the Circle and the Polyline Tool

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cadmovie641 – Textures in Vectorworks 2011

Some clients are a bit confused about this issue. Vectorworks uses two concepts that look similar, images and textures. Some clients make use of these words as if they were interchangeable – they are not. If you take a photo on a digital camera, that is an image. If you import that photo into Vectorworks, it can be imported as an image (for use on 2D things), or it can imported as a texture (for 3D things).

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