Landscape Special Interest Group April (pm) 2016



Topics Covered:

  • 00:40   Ozbreed Plants website
  • 01:43   download the plants from the website
  • 02:14   two sorts of image file to open, higher resolution and low-resolution
  • 03:29   find the image props in the resource browser
  • 04:20   import the image prop into a current file
  • 04:56   create a hardscape
  • 05:48   edit the elevation of a hardscape
  • 06:12   edit the elevation of an image prop
  • 08:42   image props rotate to viewer
  • 09:45   VBVisual plants
  • 12:37   foliage tool  from the website of Andrea Faccinello
  • 13:35   epodcast on making image props for plants
  • 14:52   creating a 3D form for the groundcover plant
  • 19:53   creating a plant
  •  29:19   exporting a plant to the user library
  • 34:37   creating a hanging basket symbol

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Architect Special Interest Group January 2016 (pm)


Topics covered:

  • viewport rendering
  • Line rendering/OpenGL rendering   1:03
  • setting up prospective viewport   2:13
  • hidden line rendering   5:26
  •  text along path 7:39
  •  creating image prop of logo    14:39
  • create image prop of logo    32:55
  • editing glow texture on image prop   41:07
  • editing low texture on text model    47:17
  • duplicate and edit text along path    52:30

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Landmark_SIG_062 Special Interest Group December (am) 2014

image079In this session we looked at the graphic representation of plants, focusing on the 3D visual aspects. We looked at the strategies for the graphic representation, creating image props, using the Existing Tree too to create the required 3D geometry, the VBVisual Plant, how to find more plants online, creating your own 3D object for a box hedge, and the Foliage Displacement Map Texture form the VSS web site.

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Vectorworks Tip #105 – 3D Modelling – Plant Image Props

There are now several files with Vectorworks image props from my friends at OzBreed. OzBreed specialise in improved varieties that are tougher, more uniform and often need less maintanence and water, striving to provide better plants for landscape professionals and home owners alike.

Check out the Vectorworks plants here…

Landmark_SIG_024 Special Interest Group April 2013

This  recording was from the morning session for the Landmark special interest group.  Most of the session focused on textures, image props, and finding or importing better models. In particular the attendees wanted to know how I had created the ivy on the back wall of this movie.

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Australian Native Trees and Plants for Vectorworks, Part 1

My good friend Andrew over at Envirographic has created a small group of Australian plant images, and i have converted these into Vectorworks image props. To show these, I have places the 7 plants around a simple building model.

Here is what Andrew says:
This first part includes 5 new trees. As a bonus, we decided to include the Eucalyptus and Swamp banksia from the free page in all available file formats – exclusive to this product.
1 Eucalyptus platypus (Moort)
1 Casuarina cunninghamiana (River oak)
1 Ficus macrophylla (Moreton Bay fig)
1 Eucalyptus polyanthemos (Red box)
1 Xanthorrhoea australis (Grass tree)
1 Eucalyptus free
1 Swamp banksia free
As with all our products, each plant is hand traced and every edge is re-touched to guarantee the highest quality. The Casuarina alone took just over 200 hours to complete from start to finish.
Buy these plants from this web site…