Share Files on line

I’ve just been chatting with a friend of mine in the UK. He was talking about sharing files with other architects and it reminded me to tell him about an application one of my clients showed me, dropbox. Dropbox is an application that allows you to share files across your computers and it allows you to share the files with others.

Help! I can’t Print to PDF!

One of my clients just phoned up in a panic. They were trying to print a job to PDF. All the drawings except for one printed without the text boxes. I thought it might be a font problem, so I suggested a change to Arial (always a fallback font).

“had a few veiwports and referenced viewports on the page – all that use Avante Garde. Then 2 schedules and 1 worksheet – also all used avante garde. No text at all would actually appear in the PDF – even fonts that were not avante garde. Once I deleted the suspect schedule viewport every other bit of text began to appear – then I changed the font to Arial made a new viewport and it worked fine.”