Education_m_001 – Introduction to 3D Modeling

Introduction to 3D Modeling

In this exercise you will create a simple 3D model using simple tools and commands. You can then use this model to create drawings using a new concept called Viewports. We will be using a quick command to create the viewports from the 3-D model. This command is only available if you using Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, or Designer. The command we will be using is not available if you have Vectorworks Fundamentals.

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Education_006 – Applying Graphic Attributes

Applying Graphic Attributes

Vectorworks is a very graphic program. We have control over the stacking order of objects ( the way things appear at the front or the back), we can assign colors to objects, we can change line weights and line styles, and so on. It is important that you understand how to control the graphic style of objects so that you can make your drawings more readable.

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Education_004 – Basic Concepts

Basic Concepts

To be able run the software efficiently you need to learn the basic concepts of Vectorworks first. This section of the manual is designed to show you the concepts that form the basis of Vectorworks. We will learn to make a few simple objects, how to select objects, who to delete objects, and how to delete objects.

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Should Vectorworks be Used in Schools?

Should Vectorworks focus on High Schools?

The answer is that Vectorworks simply cannot afford NOT to focus on High Schools.
It my belief, that Vectorworks should be actively involved in schools, high schools and universities.
A good friend of mine (and a lecturer at Unitec in Auckland) used to say to me, “Jonathan, what you need to do is to get their mindshare. Get their mindshare, market share will follow”
I wrote my first Vectorworks manual for schools for Vectorworks version 8.5. That was some time ago, but we needed support from Vectorworks and its distributors to make this a success. I updated this for Vectorworks version 11 and Vectorworks 12.5.  Several schools have purchased this system from me and have had great results. Imagine, a high school student that learned Vectorworks 11 in 2004, would now be graduating university, and most likely, using Vectorworks commercially.
Design and Technology is being taught at high school, almost from the first year at high school. The students are no longer waiting until university to learn CAD, they are learning from year 11 onwards. At least two universities have said to me that is not their job to teach CAD The universities are looking to high schools to teach CAD. If Vectorworks does not focus their energy on getting Vectorworks into high schools, the users will be learning other CAD programs and Vectorworks will have to move users from these other programs. It isn’t too late to attach this market and give the students a better alternative.
I have recently been helping a high school friend that wanted to use Vectorworks for a project. By using the 3D Modeling manual and Essential Tutorial Manual he was able to create a really cool coffee machine. This was a major project for him, and he was able to create orthographic drawings, a product range and a movie. Now that he has achieved so much with Vectorworks, isn’t it likely that he will carry on with it?

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201 Vectorworks Landmark Course

I have a 201 Vectorworks Landmark course starting next week. This course is ideal for Vectorworks users that want to draw their landmark projects in 3D. I think that drawing your projects in 3D is very important. I have one client that moved form 2D plans to 3D presentations. They found that the conversion rate from concept to construction on site went from 40% for the 2D drawings to 90% for the 3D presentation.

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