Architect_072 Architect Special Interest Group June 2015 (pm)


In this session we looked at setting up a project that has a site model with two different houses on it. There are different ways to set this up; it could be set up in three files which could be connected together using referencing, the file could be set up using stories (maybe), or the two houses could be set up in one file and use Design Layer Viewports to place the houses on the site. Referencing the files together has been discounted for this project because one of the users wanted to keep all of the project work in one file.

We looked at stories but found they do not work for this project because we want to have two independent houses with different floor levels. The favoured solution for this project is to set up the required layers using one layer for the floor and one layer for the roof of each house. When the houses are created they can be linked to the site model using Design Layer Viewports. This is a flexible option and that allows the houses to be repositioned easily and have their elevations independently adjusted. We looked at quickly drawing the walls and roof and linking these buildings to the site. As we adjusted the design of the buildings you can see them update on the site straight away.

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Vectorworks Tip #243 – Plants – Plant Shadows

image088Plant shadows can be individual to each plant, or can be connected to the document preferences. If you connect the plant shadows to the document preferences, it allows you to control all of the plant shadows on the entire document from one dialog box. If you create your plant shadows with a black color and a 50% opacity, the plant shadows appear to be gray and see-through.