Vectorworks Design Summit 2016

Vectorworks Inc. have announced the Design Summit for 2016 will be in Chicago, 25-29 April 2016. This year the Design Summit was held at the end of April and it was a huge success. I think there were over 350 people there (more than they expected). As the first Design Summit it was a test and a risk. I’m really happy that it was a success and now we have a lot more notice about the next one. I’m starting to plan my trip now and I hope to be able to help out again to make the 2016 Design Summit even more of a success.

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Vectorworks Design Summit Day 3

This was the final day, so it was filled with the closing address by Adrian McGregor and the peek into the future of Vectorworks 2016 by Dr. Biplab Sarkar. This is the first time ever that Vectorworks have told anyone what the future of Vectorworks will look like. Usually, we only find out what new features will be in Vectorworks when they release the new version (which for the last few years has been in mid-September).
The main new features in Vectorworks 2016 are:
Project Sharing
Energy Analysis
Point Cloud Support
Subdivision Modeling

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Vectorworks Design Summit April 27-29 2015 – Session 3 BIM for Landscape – Notes


Jonathan Pickup, Author and Director of Training, archoncad

Tuesday 2:00PM – 3:00AM

There is a lot of talk about Building Information Modelling (BIM) in
relation to architecture, but not a lot of talk about Building Information
Modeling in relation to landscape. The principles behind BIM can be used
to speed up the production of your landscape projects and drawings.

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Vectorworks Design Summit Day 1

The Design Summit opened with several session of advanced training. These sessions were intensive 3 hrs of training on Landmark, Architect and Site Modelling. I wish I had been able to enjoy the Architect Session – it was focussed on layers, levels and stories, something I have done a few times on this site. It would have been been good to see another point of view.
My training was focused on Site Modeling. This is always a good topic and a topic that often causes confusion. I tried to go slow with this training so that the attendees took in the basics fully. We had enough time for the attendees to work through the topics as I presented them.  Continue reading

Vectorworks Design Summit Day 0

I arrived very early today after a 30 hour trip from Napier, New Zealand. Of course I was very tired, and although I thought the travel didn’t affect me, it did. Here I am having a hot bagel for breakfast in the sun with Marilyn, the NZ distributor. Not in this photo is my friend Neil (from Canada) who joined us. I was so tired at the end of the day I forgot that we had breakfast, and i introduced them to each other again.

After breakfast we went on various tours around Philadelphia. I went on the bus tour and learned a lot about the history of the city. It is the place where the Declaration of Independance was written and signed. Later the Constitution was written here. The tour give was a lot of fun, and afterwards we went for a local delicacy, Philly Cheese Steak.

I was really fortunate to be invited to the distibutors dinner. I met many of the worldwide distributors, they are a fun group of really hard-working people. After a while I had trouble remember all the names…