Interactive Workshops March2016 (1603) – Alterations and Additions

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In these sessions we are going to cover setting up an Alteration and Addition project. I sometimes call these rennovation projects, but as someone recently pointed out, rennovation suggests repairing. These sessions are really about setting up an existing building which we can then amend to suit.

We will start with a discussion about measuring an existing building. There are several ways to deal with this:
manually measure the project:

  • laser measure and manually record
  • laser measure connected to tablet
  • measured electronically with iphone
  • subcontract to surveyor

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Vectorworks Tip 395 – Wall Styles for Additions and Alterations

vectorworks-tip-395, walls, alterations, additionsIf you use Wall Styles for drawing the existing building you might end up with several wall styles for all the different wall thicknesses. Then, when you want to demolish any of those walls – you have to create copies of these wall styles. It’s better to use unstyled walls for the existing and set the wall to use the graphic attributes of the class. Then when you want to demolish the wall just change the class of it.


Vectorworks Tip 386 – Classes for Existing/Demo Walls

Notes - Page 73

Some people copy the walls from one layer to the other to create an existing plan and a demolition plan. This technique is not recommended. If you change the plan for any reason, you have edit the walls on two plans. If you use classes, you only have to edit the walls once. As well as that, you can use class overrides in viewports to change the graphics on the walls. You can’t do that with layers.

We will be covering this topic in March 2016, book now!