Do IT Pros Recommend Macintosh?

I had to laugh when I read this blog post. For many years I have been arguing with IT pros about the differences between Windows and Mac. In my office I use both systems, but I find the Macintosh easy to use. In this blog post the argument is that IT professionals often recommend Macintosh computers to their friends and families to avoid having to support the Windows machines.

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Should you Upgrade to OS X.9 Mavericks

Last week Apple announced the new version of its operating system, called Mavericks. The temptation is to install it right away, it looks so cool and it has so many new features. But take care. I have been seeing reports from Vectorworks users that they are having trouble running Vectorworks 2011. To me, this is not a surprise. I still have one Mac in my office running Lion (10.7) because my software for manual writing will not work with later versions of the Mac operating system. I could upgrade my InDesign, but the last upgrade was only a couple of years ago and current version does all I want.

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New ‘Yontoo’ Adware Trojan Targets Major Browsers on OS X

Russian security firm Doctor Web this week highlighted a new trojan (via The Next Web) affecting OS X systems and which installs an adware plug-in capable of injecting ads into users’ browsing experience.

As with other trojans, this new Yontoo malware relies on tricking users into installing the package, which in this case masquerades as a movie trailer video plug-in, download accelerator, or other software a user might believe they want or need on their system.

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Graphic Card Recommendations for Vectorworks

If you are thinking of buying a new computer, you should pay very careful attention to the graphics card recommendations for Vectorworks. If you purchase a new computer that does not match the graphics card recommendations, you will have constant trouble with the computer.

If you are thinking of upgrading your Vectorworks with your existing computer, you should also pay very careful attention to the graphics card recommendations. Upgrading your Vectorworks to a computer with a less than satisfactory graphics card will result in constant frustration.

The Vectorworks knowledge base has several articles about graphics card recommendations:
Vectorworks 2012 System Recommendations

Video/Graphics Card Guidelines for Vectorworks – 9/13/2011