Landmark_SIG_037 Special Interest Group October 2013

I recorded the movie for the special-interest group but unfortunately my recording program crashed at the end of the session in the entire movie was lost. I have re-created most of the topics that we talked about in this short 15 min. movie. The main topic we covered was custom colors. This topic is applicable to everybody using Vectorworks not just landmark uses, so I recommend this movie to everybody. This session looked at how to create a custom color palette, how to create your own custom colors and how to find the color information you need from a photograph. Continue reading

Matching colours with Vectorworks

In a recent Landmark Special interest Group the people there wanted to know how to create custom colors. If you have photoshop you can use the eye dropper tool to pick up the color. If you do not have photoshop, you can use a website to do the same thing. I often specify colors from a company called Resene. They have a Vectorworks color palette that you can install and they have color utilities on their website.

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