Interactive Workshops September 2017 – Using Cloud Services for Collaboration


Some people do not like the idea of online storage. They do not like to have their important data stored on someone else’s server. If you haven’t heard about the cloud storage system called Megaupload, then you should read about it – it’s a sobering story. The files and documents on the Megaupload servers were seized by the FBI as part of a piracy case against Megaupload; 100 million Megaupload users lost access to the data in 2012.

On the other hand, there are some services where the data is stored on your local hard drive and a copy is stored online. In this case, you should still have access to all of your files in the event of a server failure. These systems allow you to have an up-to-date copy of your document stored securely online. Many of these systems also enable connecting to your online files from other machines (laptops, desktops, tablets, mobile phones).

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Landscape Special Interest Group May (pm) 2016


Topics covered:

  • 00:04   Vectorworks cloud services – what can use it for
  • 01:43   cloud services from the Vectorworks menubar
  • 02:30   using cloud services for rendering
  • 03:17   finding the Vectorworks cloud services folder
  • 07:03   nomad on iPad for viewing using Vectorworks cloud files
  • 17:22   using the Vectorworks cloud services website for uploading files
  • 20:53   animationworks, getting started
  • 21:15   creating a camera path
  • 21:57   placing a camera on the path
  • 22:54   previewing the movie
  • 24:14   placing an additional camera on the path
  • 26:01   creating a moving object
  • 31:32   creating a sliding object
  • 35:39   creating a rotating object
  • 38:41   animationworks tutorials

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