Architect Special Interest Group July 2017 (am)


In this session, we covered how to transfer Vectorworks resources from one computer to another, clarified several points from last month regarding the Callout Tool, discussed how settings work together to create complicated objects in WinDoor, and answered numerous questions regarding windows.

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Architect Special Interest Group December 2016 (am)


In this session we looked at referencing a DXF/DWG file into a project. Referencing means that if the file is updated, it will automatically be imported when you open the file again. Then we looked at the callout tool and in particular, how to use it with the notes database, creating door and window elevations, and a discussion about using symbols with story levels to control elevation.

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cadmovie559 – Intermediate Annotation Part 5

Adding More Notes to The Note Database. Normally, you will have some notes that you have used before. These might be notes in a word processor, or they might be notes form other Vectorworks drawings. You can use these notes to fill in your note database. This can be a really quick way to get the notes into your database.

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cadmovie558 – Intermediate Annotation Part 4

Adding Sections and Notes. If you use the note database, you could easily have hundreds of notes in the database. This makes it hard to find the notes you want. The answer is to divide your note database into sections. you could then have all the notes that relate to a section of work, or a building element together, making it easier to find the notes you want.

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cadmovie557 – Intermediate Annotation Part 3

Creating a Note Database.You can use the callout tool without using a database if you want, but you are losing a lot of power. The callout works really well if you get the text from a database. This allows you to set up database of standard notes that you can use on job after job. You can even set up an office database so that several people can look at the same database and share notes.

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