3D Modeling Special Interest Group – January 2018


In this session, we discussed a bit about using textures versus making a 3D model, covered how turning the Callout tool into a symbol can add functionality to it, constructed a room with various moldings and panels, created a texture, and demonstrated aspects of using the Create Interior Elevation Viewport command, the Create Wall Projection and Create Wall Recess commands, and the Fit Walls to Objects command.

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Vectorworks Baseboard Plug-in


I was sent information about this new plug-in for Vectorworks. It creates baseboards (or skirtings) for Vectorworks. This is the same guy that created the Foliage tool, which is now part of Vectorworks. It looks like its highly editable, and you can use a symbol for the profile. This means that you can leave the baseboard off the wall style.

Check it out:


3D Modeling Special Interest Group – April 2017

3D Special Interest Group April 2017In this session, we wanted to look at how we could create a 3D model for the Tizio lamp, a classic table lamp designed by Richard Sapper in 1972. Creating a model from a known object will allow us to look at how we can start with a complex shape and break it up into simple chunks. Breaking up your 3D object into simple manageable chunks is an important skill in 3D modeling.

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3D Modeling Special Interest Group – February 2017


In this session the attendees wanted to look at how to create a helical ramp for a car park building. This might sound complex, but using reasonably simple Vectorworks 3D modelling techniques it was quick to create. The users then wanted to make it more complex by adding handrails and uprights. Then we looked at using the helical ramp as a site modifier.

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3D Modeling Special Interest Group – January 2017


This session is not a beginner session on 3D modelling, it is an intermediate/advanced session. We covered the concept of meshes, modelling history, generic solids, and a small amount of basic 3D modelling. The users wanted to look at how we could use the history of the 3D modelling to change objects.

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Landscape Special Interest Group November (pm) 2016


This entire session was devoted to solving the problem of how to create a landscape feature that was designed to be a series of different sized umbrellas. In order to achieve this we used a subdivision surface for the shape of the umbrella, simply extrusions for some parts of the design, textures for transparency, And we copied, rotated, and resized umbrellas to suit the design.

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SST_1611 – Interior Design (It’s Not Just Kitchen Design)

In this manual we looked at interior design, and while we are the kitchen as the basis of our design, this manual is about more than just kitchen design.

It is tempting to think that if we covered the design of the kitchen, that would be enough. But also like to show you how you can use Vectorworks for creating more of an interior design that showed details of the kitchen, how the kitchen connects to other rooms, demolition, and furniture. We would also like to use the three-dimensional models of our furniture to create the drawings.

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