3D Modelling Special Interest Group – November2014

image068In this session we looked at how you can use Automatic working planes and 3D symbols to make the symbols site directly on the working plane. We also looked at how to start with modelling a sink, looking at the workflow for creating a complex object. In order to create the sink we used the Fillet Edge tool, Taper Face, Shell Solid, Move 3D. When the sink is created, it can be made into a symbol to make it easy to repeat and easy to locate in the Resource Browser.

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Vectorworks Tip #133 – 3D Modelling – Project Tool 1

2014-08-23_12-23-50The Projection Tool has three modes. In the first mode you can use a planar object to split a NURBS curve. In the picture I have used a rectangle to split a curving NURBS surface. In the final image you can see that I have separated the original NURBS surface from the split one. Notice how the rectangle has split the NURBS surface so that the plan view is still a rectangle but in 3D it’s still a curving surface.

podcast 191- Working in OpenGL with Perspective Projection

The normal way of looking at 3D views and Vectorworks has been to use wireframe with orthogonal projection. Lately I have been trying Vectorworks with OpenGL rendering and perspective projection and it works very well. When you use it in this method you can see a false ground and false sky which gives the impression of your height above the object. The color of the ground in the sky is adjustable through the interactive appearance settings.

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