Interactive Workshops February 2020

Once you start to issue drawings and you start making changes to those drawings to will have to track the changes to them. This is known as revisions. Vectorworks has tools and techniques typically designed to track and report your revisions. In this session, we looked at these tools and the techniques for highlighting and recording revisions.

These sessions follow on from the January sessions on creating and managing your drawings…

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Architect Special Interest Group January 2020

In this session, we covered the ability to assign components to classes, starting with wall style components and moving on to door and window components. We also showed how to import door settings you like from one door to the rest of the doors in your project, as well as comparing Vectorworks door settings to WinDoor settings and managing classes by reassigning objects and filtering classes.

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Landmark Special Interest Group October 2019

In this session, we covered how setting up site modifiers on the design layer with the nearest elevation can make calculating elevations easier, demonstrated resolving site modifier conflicts, showed how to use multiple view panes to make using Vectorworks easier, went over how to save the setup for your multiple view pane preference to your template file, and used Animation Path to create a flyover across our site.  

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