archoncad newsletter – Vectorworks 2015

2014-09-23_14-21-04Last week Nemetschek announced Vectorworks 2015 and users that have subscribed to VSS have been able to download their updated software, mainly in USA though. Users in other countries will have to wait until the localised version is available for them. My newsletter this month looked at some of the new features of Vectorworks 2015. I didn’t cover all the features, just the ones I think most important.

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archoncad November Newsletter

Top 5 Training Tips


  1. Take the attitude that training is really employee development. That will help you think more strategically about what your employees need to learn.
  2. Recognize that formal training programs are only part of the picture. Most real training occurs on the job.
  3. Help employees develop problem-solving skills and the ability to think by giving them work that will stretch them.
  4. Set an example. Your own pleasant attitude and good work habits will influence your workers.
  5. Understand that when you give employees an opportunity to grow, their job satisfaction and your ability to retain them as employees both increase substantially.

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